Summer Fitness Tips

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Summer Fitness Tips

Living in Maine, we are a little surprised to be experiencing 90 degree weather in early JUNE!!
Just when we are coming out of masks and getting out there to enjoy walking on the Eastern Prom and hiking our favorite trail we are faced
with how to stay safe in this heat.  Here are some quick reminders as you head outside for a little exercise this week.

l Avoid exercising midday when the heat and humidity are greatest.

2 Drink plenty of water.

3 Wear light colored and loose clothing (made of cotton or sweat-wicking material).

4 Wear sunscreen, a hat or cap, and sunglasses to avoid direct sunlight. Choose a walk, run or bike ride on one of our local trails in the shade of trees.

5 Choose shortly excursions on the hottest days - chances are you will not be able to exercise as long as usual. Don't over do it.

6 If you have any special needs, such as being pregnant or overweight, you should consult your physician before exercising.

7 Consider ending your outdoor adventure where our local Food Trucks have set up shop for refueling.  Okay...that would be my treat!!

That's it for now. Take care of yourself and  enjoy your summer safely with family and friends.